Specialty Compounding for Dental Needs

At CinDen Pharmacy (formerly CD Whyte Ridge Pharmacy), we are committed to working with you to address the individualized needs of your patients.  We offer both Specialty Compounding and Personal Consulting in addition to our full-service dispensary.

We are members of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), and are experts in specialty compounding. We work together with dentists and their patients to solve problems using customized medications.

With a prescription order, we can prepare the precise dose of medication you request in the most suitable delivery form for your patient:

  • lip balms for viral lesions
  • topical muscle relaxants/analgesics
  • topical anaesthetics
  • non-staining antibacterial rinses
  • oral sedation in lollipops and freezer pops
  • lollipops for oral thrush
  • mouth rinses for aphthous ulcers or chemotherapy-induced stomatitis
  • mouth rinse to stop oral bleeding during dental procedures for patients who take anticoagulants
  • dry socket preparations
  • “mucosal bandages” to cover ulcerated, infected, or tender mucosa
  • lozenges that help to prevent gagging
  • and many more unique preparations and novel delivery systems

According to Health Canada: “Compounding of drugs is practiced primarily by pharmacists as an integral part of their profession and is regulated by the respective regulatory authorities in each province/territory.” Source: Policy on Manufacturing and Compounding Drug Products in Canada

Whether it’s a topical gel, oral suspension, mouth rinse or lollipop, we are “medication problem solvers” there to answer questions and help you optimize your patients’ health.