Specialty Compounding

What is Specialty Compounding?

Specialty Compounding involves a trained pharmacist altering the medicine they are dispensing with the approval of an attending physician.

Compounding allows a pharmacist to remove certain ingredients, combine multiple medications into a single dose, or alter the delivery method of a medication.

The concept of Specialty Compounding goes back to the pharmacist’s original role, when they actually created medicines, instead of just dispensing prepackaged products. According to the Professional Compounding Centers of America, 60% of all drugs were compounded by pharmacists as recently as the 1940s in North America. Currently, there are more than 5,000 Specialty Compounding Pharmacists in North America, Australia and Europe.

Why choose Specialty Compounding?

Specialty Compounding allows a pharmacist to remove unpleasant or allergy-triggering ingredients, such as dyes and preservatives.

In some situations, new delivery methods can be developed, such as lozenges, lollipops, gummies, or dermal gels. For patients who cannot swallow pills, liquid suspensions can be created and pharmacists can even add your choice of flavouring to make medicines more pleasant.

It is even possible for a trained pharmacist to create new formulations for their patients to reduce side effects, or to combine different medicines into a single dosage form.

CinDen Group pharmacists are your compounding professionals.

CinDen Group pharmacists are trained in Specialty Compounding.

Our expertise in compounding influences all other aspects of our practice and has become a cornerstone to all of the services we offer. If you think that Specialty Compounding might be for you, then contact one of our specially trained pharmacists for more information.Through the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), he has received specialty training in Customized Compounding, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pain Management, Nutrition, Dermatology, and Functional Endocrinology.