Even if you have normal blood sugar, you may be sitting on a timebomb of disease called diabesity. Diabesity prevents you from losing weight and living a longer, healthy life. It’s one of the leading causes of heart disease, dementia, cancer, and premature death. It is almost entirely triggered by environmental and lifestyle factors, and therefore, is preventable and curable.


Diabesity describes the sequence that starts with optimal blood sugar balance, to insulin resistance, to being overweight, to being obese, and eventually, to full-blown Type-2 Diabetes.

Our goal is to find and understand what causes Diabesity, and then to modify and eliminate the triggers to help support your metabolic function. This involves healthy eating, moderate exercise and taking supportive nutrients to rebuild your nutrients reserve if necessary and manage your stress.


One of the major cause of diabesity is insulin resistance, which is triggered by a diet full of empty calories, quickly absorbed sugars, liquid calories (soda, juice, sports drinks), and refined carbohydrates.

Over time, these things make your cells resistant to the effects of insulin, so your body needs more of it to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. A high insulin level is the first sign of a problem. As the problem worsens, your body starts to lose muscle, gain fat, become inflamed, and you age and deteriorate faster.


Many people believe that diabetes is a genetic disorder, and that having a family history of diabetes increases your odds of having it yourself—essentially implying that diabetes is a random genetic event that we don’t control.

The truth is not that our genetic code is the problem, but the way our genes are expressed is highly influenced by the environment, the food we eat, and our lifestyle.

Many people agree that it’s easier said than done when it comes to eating healthy foods, choosing correct food portions, and exercising regularly. If you are one of these people, then you are correct: science proves that processed, sugary, fatty, and salty foods that are created rather than grown are addictive to us.

Certain foods trigger the release of brain chemicals like dopamine and narcotic-like chemicals that make you addicted to those types of food. Sooner than later, your body cannot function properly without these types of food.


For a healthier life, choose foods that are high in omega-3, fibre, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and D, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. They’re essential for regulating our metabolism and weight. There are several ways to maintain good health:

As always, you should speak to your doctor, pharmacist, and other healthcare professionals before you make any drastic lifestyle changes so that we can help you become healthier and improve your quality of life.

In Good Health,

Dennis Wong